Lord, help me!


I began writing a LOT when my daughter was undergoing treatment for cancer.  Writing about her journey and our faith, helped me process what was going on in our lives as well as helped me grow in my walk with Christ.  Now that (thankfully) her health has improved and her treatments are complete, my updates on http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/maddiewindle are much less frequent.  However, I still feel led to write about God and His love, so I have started this blog.

It’s just a place where I can continue to write and share my thoughts.  I wrote an update once on how trees shed their leaves in the winter to enable their limbs to withstand the upcoming burden of snow and ice.  Our lives have been a lot like trees since my daughter’s initial diagnosis.  We’ve had to shed a few leaves in order to withstand the extra burdens encountered on our journey.

My plan is to focus on what we dropped and how God used it to help us.  We have really simplified our lives over the past three years.  Think of this blog as “Hints from Heloise” with a whole lot of Jesus.  I may post recipes we enjoy, household tips, ways to stretch your budget, and health and wellness advice.  Just know that the entire focus will always be in God.  He is the driving force behind my writing.

Our church has been focusing recently on our mission to spread the gospel – to not just be a member of God’s audience, but to be a member of His army!  The obstacle I kept facing was how???  I’m a stay at home mom.  I go to the grocery store, church, the library, and my daughter’s doctor visits.  How was I supposed to share the gospel with such limited interactions?

I do have internet!  Ha!  And I have been told that I have a way with words, so here we go!  Please share as you feel led.  Follow if you want.  If even one person can read this page and be blessed, I feel that I am doing my part.  Happy Monday!

family hog game


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