If God is Sovereign, Then What’s the Point? (Part 4 – Why Do We Pray?)


Last week, we looked at prayer as a form of obedience.  We are told by God to pray, and so we should…but there is so much more to why we pray than “because He said so…”  Let’s look beyond simple obedience and explore what prayer means to God and what it can mean for us.

When we pray, we are entering the presence of the one true God – the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob.  Sometimes we take that honor and privilege for granted.  We are speaking with the One who parted the Red Sea, raised Lazarus from the dead, and created the entire Universe with His words!  This should leave us feeling completely humbled and awe-struck!  Do we enter prayer with that attitude?  (I’ll save that question for another post….but it doesn’t hurt to think on it…)

I believe God loves to hear our prayers.  The Bible says He is blessed by our prayers and our worship.  We are given the opportunity to bless God…


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