Who is Shedding Leaves?


In March 2011, my family began a journey with our daughter and her cancer diagnosis.  Over the years, we have had t of to “shed a few leaves” in order to more easily bear the burdens of this season.  Just as trees shed their leaves to prepare for the extra burden of winter snow and ice upon their branches, so we have also had to shed things as well.

My job, my daughter’s public school education, some holiday celebrations are all examples of things we have shed.  However, we have also shed our pride, our need for material gain, and our hesitation to share who God is and what that can mean for others.

We have gained a lot through this process of losing.  We have grown closer as a family, closer to God, and have become less dependent on “things” to make us happy.  Shedding a few leaves is not a bad thing…It’s a way of life for us.  Will you join me as I share how you too can gain by losing?

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